Review: The Crimson Campaign

Author: Brian McClellan Date Started: 12/01/2019 Date Finished: 14/04/2019 Pages: 593 Genre: Fantasy Star Rating:✪✪✪✪.5   Synopsis (for the first book): IT'S A BLOODY BUSINESS, OVERTHROWING A KING Field Marshal Tamas's coup against his king brings bread to the starving, but it also provokes war in the Nine Nations, internal attacks by royalist fanatics and... Continue Reading →


Where have I been

Hello Everyone!Where have I been, well to be honest I haven't really been anywhere. I have had a busy and stressful two years and reading took a massive back burner for me. I did notice though when I wasn't reading I was getting more and more stressed and overwhelmed with everything. So I took a... Continue Reading →

What am I currently reading?

hey everyone 🙂 I am back going to ease myself in with a currently reading post.  I haven't finished a book in a while but I finally am feeling like I am getting back into reading and being organised with everything so we shall see how this month goes.  The first book I am reading... Continue Reading →

Sunday coffee and ramble 

It's Sunday night, I have my coffee and here is a little ramble of all my thoughts. I feel like I write a post like this fairly often but I have once again hit a slump. This is more a slump in life rather than just a reading slump. I haven't finished a single book... Continue Reading →

Planning basic

This is just a quick post regarding the organising part of my blog which never materialised. This is because I couldn't find how I wanted to plan and organise myself.  I have gone through so many stages, decorative plann , decorative bullet journaling and using one note.  I think I finally have a system which... Continue Reading →

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